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Xmas Dinner table

The Run up to Christmas (From a cleaning point of view)

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The Run up to Christmas (From a cleaning point of view)

The run up to Christmas is the busiest time of the year whether you are a business, home-owner or event organiser you are starting to think about that all-important day! However, maybe more important than the day itself is the preparation that must be done before hand to make it run as smooth as possible. Even though at Ideal we are Commercial and Industrial cleaners, we want to share our 70 years of wisdom with the rest of you.

So here are some tips on us…

#Tip 1:

Do not start too early! Just because this blog has been released early December, it doesn’t mean you need to start cleaning RIGHT NOW. You have to remember people still work/live in the area you want to get ready. It may seem too late to a lot of you, but it needs to be done just before the day or event. If you need to hire a team then this can be done even quicker then doing it by yourself but do allow yourself more time.

#Tip 2:

Do not stress. A lot of people will use the stress to get them into the cleaning mood and kick start themselves into action. This is not advised for your mental health or for time/preparation reasons. If you are stressing it normally shows you have left it until the last minute and you don’t think you can get the job done. In any business this is a big NO. We never think we can’t get the job done, therefore will always be ready and allow plenty of time.

Stress drawn in red

Stress drawn in red

#Tip 3:

Use good quality tools. We are not suggesting you run to the shop and spend a lot of money on all the newest, strongest and most powerful chemicals. What you have may be more then good enough already; just ensure you use it safely and plentiful. We also recommend using micro-fibre cloths and read the reviews on chemical cleaners. DO NOT just look at the name and think it is good; it’s often not the case. Our stores team will be happy to advise on any queries regarding products.

#Tip 4:

Accidents do happen. We all know that nothing in life runs smoothly. Things break, tools don’t work correctly and you just can’t figure out where that last screw came from. Therefore, it is important to give yourself an extra day on any project. Use that day for if anything goes wrong to implement any required corrections. Maybe, on the off chance it all works out well; it will be a well-deserved rest. So really, it’s a win- win situation.

Broken egg, messy table

Broken egg, messy table

We will have some more tips to follow soon, hopefully these will tide over any compulsive cleaners and even help you choose a cleaning contractor in the future. If you do have an enquiry, you can contact us on: or Call: 0115 913 2222.

Pumpkin Field

Post Halloween Clean

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Post Halloween Clean

Halloween, that time of year where it is okay to go around scaring each other and it’s all normal. The time of year where you can dress up and not get looked at funny! And the time of year when if you don’t give a treat you may receive a trick… However, more importantly, it’s time for the post Halloween clean! So, here are some tips and tricks on how to deal with the smashed pumpkins, the left-over food and the drooping decorations.


Who’s going to tidy this up?

It’s the day after the night before, too many sweets and toffee apples some my say. There is always a mess left from a party which is always going to be dreaded but needs to be sorted! Our first tip here is start at the top and work down, this will allow you to ease yourself into the work removing a cobweb from here and there. It also will not matter if you drop something as the floor is yet to be cleaned.

The floor is normally the biggest and hardest task; all the food, dropped by guests, that knocked over plant which has left soil all over the floor and then that mystery thing you don’t quite want to know what it is but it needs to GO! For carpets you will need to us a dabbing motion on stains! DON’T RUB! This can result is spreading, last thing you want on your cream carpet is a big brown stain where the chocolate has been scrubbed in. Ensure you use a cold water as hot water can damage carpets, and a clean cloth! (We recommend Microfiber).

EXTRA TIP: Why try using the freezing method on stuck pieces of food? Freeze with ice then scrap off to remove easily from carpet and hard floors.

Messy After Party

Messy After Party

I ain’t afraid of no ghost

Those meddling kids! They think its funny to mess up your hard worked on pumpkin. To be fair, we don’t know if it’s kids or teens and shouldn’t assume. The vandals who have thrown toilet paper all over the house and smashed your decorations will not have the last laugh this time!

Firstly that toilet paper, get rid of that ASAP (As Soon As Possible). The last thing you want is to wait until the morning and let it get wet from morning dew because after it is wet it can become twice as hard to remove! The best thing for this situation is a leaf blower, you will be amazed how easily the paper becomes unravelled, this will make it easy to pick up and collect.

The next thing is the Pumpkins, someone was obviously extremely jealous of your amazing design so don’t feel too bad as it must mean you are an amazing artist! Or at least tell yourself that to help with the pain. This is easy but be careful ’cause the seeds get EVERYWHERE! Use a dust pan and bush and scrap what’s left of your pumpkin into the bin. Try not to move it around too much as it will make the job a lot harder.

EXTRA TIP: IF you have been egged, don’t worry. Hose it down, make sure you don’t scrub the shells as it may damage the paintwork. Once all the big bits are removed, scrub all the final bits off. Jobs done!

Spooky Ghost

7 Reasons why you should also switch to a Hybrid Vehicle.

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7 Reasons why you should also switch to a hybrid vehicle.

Hybrids Are Cleaner

As a traditional vehicle ages, it may create more emissions than it did when it was new. Whereas, as renewable energy resources become more available, your HEV (Hybrid Energy Vehicle) will only become cleaner as time goes on. Yes, it’s true that hybrids burn the same fuel source as a normal car and therefore produce the same environmentally damaging gasses as conventional vehicles. However, hybrid vehicles are much more fuel efficient and therefore produce a lot less CO2 emissions.

Keys hand over

Hybrids Retain Their Value

Hybrids are one of the new crazes in the car world. Due to this they are able to hold their value a lot better then a normal petrol or diesel vehicle. Also due to the amount of technology it takes to get a hybrid to work effectively, it normally means that the specs of the car are better inside giving them a higher resale value.

Hybrids Are Incredibly Quiet

While tyre and road noise from a vehicle will not be impacted by changing the inner workings, the noise that is being produced by the engine will be reduced dramatically. If you have seen or been inside an HEV while it is in motion you will know that (at low speeds especially) the noise pollution is heavily reduced.

Hybrids Require Less Maintenance

Due to the fact that the cars engine will be running a noticeable amount less then with a ‘normal’ vehicle. It is safe to say that the engine will not be working as hard as it will be with a petrol or diesel adaptation of the same vehicle. Therefore, the car will require less services and brake checks.

Hybrids will not hurt your energy bill as much as you are led to believe

When you consider the amount that you will be saving at the filling station and the energy efficient changers that an environmental conscious person makes, e.g. turning lights off when not in the room and less TV time. Then you will notice that you may be able to save more money then you thought you would. A usual worry about hybrid and electric cars is they will increase the electric costs 10-fold however this is not the case.

Hybrids require less fuel therefore less cost

Even though you will still need petrol to power your vehicle, you’ll need a lot less of it to get from A – B. The large fluctuations in prices from pump to pump may not be as much of an “physical” pain when driving a hybrid electric. Some Companies, like Tesla, even offers free charging for users, if having brought their car from them, making the cost even cheaper.

Tesla Charge Point

Tesla charge point

Hybrids are more affordable than previously thought

Many people are under the misconception that hybrid vehicles are very pricey as they are filled with ‘futuristic technology’. However, they are a lot less expensive they people think. For example, you can pick up a brand-new Toyota Yaris Hybrid for around £16,000.[1]


[1] –

Accent Property


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Accent Housing

Accent Group awarded Ideal the contract by  to provide Communal Area Cleaning in 2012, following an OJEU Tender process. As well as Caretaking Services and Window Cleaning across General Needs and Sheltered Social Housing accommodation. The contract originally encompassed over 40 separate housing schemes across the Nottingham and Peterborough areas. Cleaning operations commenced in April 2012.

Although the client’s timetable allowed a mobilisation period of less than three weeks from contract signing to commencement of services; Comprehensive mobilisation plans enabled us to ensure that the TUPE transfer of existing staff took place in a smooth and efficient manner. Accent considered this critical as it involved employed staff as well as those transferring from other contractors.

On contract

At the started, we introduced all residents to our company; explaining who we were and to draw their attention to the information we were posting on scheme notice boards.  It also had the frequencies at which the cleaning would occur and provided them with the contact details for the central Help Desk.

Nottingham Head Office programmed and scheduled work and controlled and operated from our Nottingham and Peterborough Regional Offices. Fully equipped mobile teams delivered the services on the general needs schemes and by static cleaning operatives on the Sheltered Schemes and Accent’s offices. Sub-contractors carry out our window cleans, with the service controlled and managed centrally by Ideal.

The inclusion and involvement of the schemes’ residents was a priority for Accent Nene and to this end Ideal’s local management teams attend residents meetings as requested alongside Accent Nene management to deal directly with any cleaning issues or concerns and to acquire direct feedback from the residents on the quality of the service.

Other innovations

Ideal have contributed to the Accent Nene contract including: the introduction of a dedicated Help Desk and Issues Log, pre-paid Customer Satisfaction Survey Cards, in order to collect satisfaction data and also communicating to all residents by individual letter and via scheme notice boards, the agreed cleaning specification, when and how frequently the cleaning will take place and providing I.D. photographs of the cleaning operatives for recognition purposes. Older and more vulnerable residents were the audience that we noticed taking it particularly well.

High customer satisfaction levels have been maintained. This resulted in Accent Nene awarding Ideal a further 20 sites across the Cambridgeshire region; bringing the overall number of sites services up to over 60.

In 2015 Ideal were part of an industry engagement project with Accent to benchmark Cleaning Services across their entire UK. In 2017 Accent Group then put out to tender the cleaning services for the whole UK portfolio in 5 lots.

Ideal Cleaning Services not only retained the Eastern Lot but were also awarded the Yorkshire & Humber and North East lots. This new contract commenced on the 1st of August 2017.


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First of all, from 2006 until 2014 Ideal worked as a Specialist Subcontractor to MODern Housing Solutions (Prime) Ltd. We provided Office and Common Area cleaning and conducting of void, pre-occupation cleans to service family homes in the Eastern, Western and South Eastern zones of the country. Two years later Ideal took over the London and South West Zones when the incumbent contractor’s business failed. Abandoning the contract. As a result, Ideal responded quickly when asked to step in dealing with the TUPE issues and processes and integrating a substantial workforce in a very short time frame over 2 to 3 days.

Ideal won the full Contract on a National basis in November 2012. Due to the number of house cleans conducted by Ideal which was in excess of 18,000 per annum. The work covered a housing stock of over 45,000 properties. This contract was very complex in its nature and required a robust coordination and administrative structure. Our dedicated central help allowed us to achieve this. It acted as the main communications hub through which all work requests came in. Head Office arranged all our works and delivered them by mobile teams from local branches.

Contract resource were 150 Cleaning Operatives and was managed by 5 Regional Area Managers supported by 12 Regional Supervisors, 8 Administration, Customer Support and Help Desk Staff. Measurement data reporting was provided by Ideal detailing works by type, volumes and region including numbers of Ordered Cleans, Quotations for Pre-Payment Cleans, Aborts and Recalls by Region by Month and YTD.

Dale Housing


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The Start

Dales Housing selected Ideal to provide communal cleaning to their properties and offices, following a public tender process which began in 2014, . With the service delivery beginning in April 2015.

Dales Housing (DH), part of the Acclaim Housing Group, a non-profitable organisation regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency. They provide a portfolio of homes for rental, leasehold, shared ownership and sale across Derbyshire, all accompanied with first class customer service.

Above all, DH own and manage approximately 3,500 properties. This are comprising of family housing, single person’s accommodation, as well as, designated older peoples’ flats/bungalows and sheltered housing.

Dales Housing’s Mission Statement; “We work to meet the needs of our customers and communities by providing continually improving high quality homes and services”. Going well with our commitment to providing a high quality and above all high standard service and to providing work opportunities to the local community.

Our work

“We are very pleased to have been chosen by Dales Housing as their Cleaning Services provider and look forward to a mutually rewarding partnership and to providing and maintaining an improved communal environment for Dales Housing’s customers”  – Philip Taylor – Ideal Group Managing Director

Currently, cleaning services are being provided to General Needs Schemes in Matlock, Darley Dale, Wirksworth, Ashbourne as well as Hathersage. Here Dales Housing’s customers require and have agreed to a communal area cleaning service. To Sheltered Accommodation in Matlock, Wirksworth, Bakewell and Ashbourne. The cleaning frequencies on General Needs schemes depend on local agreements with residents and vary from Weekly to Monthly cleans. Sheltered Schemes are cleaned to the highest possible standard on a daily basis. The cleaning works are then delivered with a mix of static cleaning operatives. Who’s job it is to mainly performing the daily cleans additionally with the mobile teams performing the weekly, fortnightly and Monthly works.

The management lead for Ideal on this contract is Regional Manager Chris Dring. Chris has built up a considerable expertise in this type of multi-site and variable frequency contract cleaning. His involvement in the similar contracts for other Housing Associations. Assisting Chris is his Dales Area Supervisor, Andrew Harvey. Who provides support and guidance to the most important team members – the Cleaning Operatives.

Finally, we are currently working with Dales Housing on surveying additional sites, where they rolled out communal area cleaning after a period of consultation with their tenants. This work is now complete by mobile works on an arrange basis.