Service Excellence for over 65 Years

George Newell founder

Now a national provider of quality commercial and industrial contract cleaning services, Ideal was founded in 1946 by George Newell as a chimney sweeping company – the first to utilise vacuums for such operations.

The company prospered and developed the Brush-Vac system into the “Movac” dry waste extraction system. This led to boiler and power station cleaning works and an increasing portfolio of business within the industrial cleaning market. In the 1950,s the growth of Ideals window cleaning and Ideals introduction of a daily office cleaning service, the first company to introduce such services in the midlands, led to a rapid increase in the business and the company extended its geographical coverage.

Therefore in the early 1960’s, when the MOD and other government departments began putting work out to competitive tender Ideal was well placed to secure major contracts and establish itself a national identity. The cleaning of telephone boxes, a service requiring efficient coordination and management, was established also at this time and grew rapidly covering large areas of England.

Alongside the steady growth in the office cleaning division and the major power station contracts in the mid 1970’s was the development of industrial site services. Companies not only required their offices and factories to be cleaned, but wanted a team permanently based there to do these works and supplement there own people and carry out other maintenance and production tasks.

The Celanese factory at Spondon, Derby is one such site where Ideal, for many years, provided a large team of people doing a vast array of tasks, safely, to a high standard and at competitive rates. The 80’s and 90’s saw continued growth in the office cleaning markets and the expansion of industrial services to include the control of Legionellosis in cooling and domestic water systems.

The new millennium saw continued company growth with major contracts for The National Probation Service, Court Services and Severn Trent to name but a few. Ideal also began providing services to the MOD, cleaning service family accommodation. Works for various housing associations and Councils were also added to the company’s portfolio, these works benefitting from Ideals robust organisational and pragmatic management style.

Current and past clients/contracts include:

  • Provision of cleaning services to all Ministry of Defence Housing stock in England and Wales, including the cleaning of communal areas and regional branch offices.
  • Cleaning to over 70 National Probation Sites throughout the South and East of England, including emergency cleans and call-outs.
  • Provision of cleaning and support services to 28 Crown and County Court Buildings throughout England and Wales.
  • Provision of Cleaning and Support Services to 16 Environment Agency Regional branch offices.
  • Provision of Cleaning and Support Services to East Midland Ambulance Service.
  • Provision of production Line Cleaning and Site Support Services to Vinci FM/ Guilford Europe.
  • Provision of Communal Area Cleaning Services to Social Housing Stock for Accent Nene Ltd, Derwent Living and Futures Homescape.

Now with a network of strategically placed Regional Offices Ideal offers national coverage and employs well over 1,000 Cleaning Operatives, supported by strong Local Management Teams. Ideal remains a family business, with its fourth generation on board, its history is of innovation and setting the highest standards with a wide portfolio of services and the residing principle that we will manage the service for and on behalf of our clients.

Our principal areas of business activity are:

  • Daily Office Cleaning
  • Light & Heavy Industrial Cleaning
  • Factory & Plant Cleaning
  • High Level, Structural & Enclosed Space Work
  • Mobile Vacuum Tankers, Silo Cleaning, Removal and Transfer of Bulk Materials
  • Site Support Services, Production Cleaning, Environmental and Waste Services
  • Theatre & Clinical Cleaning
  • Ministry of Defence Housing Stock Cleans
  • Refurbishment & Disinfection of Cooling Towers and Water Systems
  • Legionella Control
  • Accommodation and Communal Area cleaning
  • Void Property Cleaning