Industrial Cleaning Services

Factory and Plant Maintenance Cleans and Support Services

  • High Level Cleans
  • Machinery and Plant Cleaning
  • Production Line Cleaning
  • Planned Maintenance Cleaning
  • Labour and Production Support
  • High Level and Dead Space Cleans
  • Shutdowns, Boiler Outages, Maintenance and PPM Works
  • Confined Space Work
  • Tanker and Plant Provision
  • Locker Room and Amenity Maintenance
  • Waste Control and Segregation
  • Wash Station, Aisle and Walkway Cleaning
  • Laboratory and Testing Facility Cleans
Factory and Plant

Outage and Shutdown Cleans

  • High level cleaning of steelwork
  • High Level cleaning of Steelwork, Crane Tracks and Roof Area
  • Structural and Cladding Cleaning
  • Window, Louvre and High Level Vent Cleaning
  • Boiler Works
  • ‘MOVAC’ Vacuum Tanker Services
  • Bulk Powder. Product, Waste and Biomass Removal
  • Canteen and Kitchen Deep Cleans
Outage and Shutdown Cleans

Specialised Industrial Services

  • Confined Space Cleans
  • High Level Work
  • Ice Blasting
  • Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting
  • Environmental Services
  • Waste Management and Disposal
  • Bulk Removal and Transfer of Product
  • Silo Emptying and Transfer
  • Conveyor Cleaning
  • High Level Dust Downs
  • Product Spillages
  • Biomass and Coal Dust Control and Removal
  • Hospital and Clinical Cleaning
  • Emergency Response, Plant failure and Spillage Recovery
Specialised Industrial Services

Legionella Control

  • Site Surveys and Risk Assessments for Legionella Control
  • Cleaning and Disinfection of Cooling Tower and Tank Fed Water Systems
  • Refurbishment of Cooling Towers, Tanks and Water Systems
  • Cleaning, Disinfection and Refurbishment of Ductwork Systems and Air Handling Units
  • Specialist Coating of Tanks, Bunds and Cooling Towers

Industrial Case Studies

  • Industrial Case Studies
Cleaning Case Studies